• laptop

    Laptop & MacBook Repairs

    We repair all models of laptops including apple MacBook pro's. Both hardware and software issues can be fixed. Contact us, to find out how we can assist you and get your laptop up and running again. Turnaround period is 1-3 working days.

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  • PC

    PC & Mac Repairs

    All models of PC's including apple iMacs are repaired. A preventative maintenance service is also available, to ensure your PCs are regularly and thoroughly serviced. Reduce the risk of preventable issues and ensure your PCs run optimally.

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  • lense

    Data Recovery

    Data lost on USB Flash drives or computer hard drives can be recovered. Whether the cause is accidental file deletion, formatted hard drives, power failure, power surge, boot-up problems or viruses, data can still be retrieved. Contact us to learn more.

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  • Terms of service

    Terms of Service

    Please take time to read carefully our Terms of Service. If you are unsure about any aspect, please do not hesitate to contact us to be furnished with more information. Please also take time to read our FAQ section for more specific information.

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Enquiries & Queries

Contact us to find out how we can solve your laptop or PC problem. We will endeavour to provide you with the requisite information.


Pick-up & Delivery

We can arrange pick-up and delivery of your laptop or PC with our chosen courier service. Please note that all trips will be insured.


Diagnosis & Repair

Find out what repairs we carry out and services we provide. We undertake both hardware and software repairs for laptops and PC'S.









December 4th 2015
Weekend Open Forum: How many PCs do you own?

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December 3rd 2015
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H-Tech IT Limited, is a laptop and PC repair company based in London, England. We also undertake data recovery work. We deal with all brands of laptops and PCs' including apple MacBook’s and iMacs. Our main objective is,

quotation-marks To provide a reliable and professional laptop and PC repairs service.

The company possesses a wealth of experience and expertise in fixing the plethora of problems that can sometimes affect computers. Our services are varied, thorough and professional ensuring the customers’ needs are always met.

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